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My Bio

I like shooting pictures, shooting skeet, shooting my mouth off, and shooting for the ton on my Royal Enfield.

I was born just outside of dawn, at the bend in the road called hell sometime around the turn of century and became a Poet, well a Starving poet. Oh not really I do have another job, but it is nice to be paid for your work even if it isn't enough to keep a person alive and fed. I have two published books of original poetry and working on a third that is currently being considered for publication. Maybe you will check them out at you local bookstore or maybe .. at someplace like Barnes and Noble (which I recommend over Borders, as they aren't really accepting of the small independent publishers). The wonderful title is so pleasingly hard for people to say in public for some reason. Go search my name on and you will see. A Rock Star is just a poet in black leather pants!

My Occupation

Poet, Cat Wrangler, Social Outcast, and Voice Talent

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